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Improved Casting System Management

Keeping Track in the Casthouse

Casting systems range in capacity from a few molds to over 150 molds and most casthouses have several billet systems operating in multiple casting stations resulting in hundreds to thousands of parts. Keeping track of the condition of each mold has been a challenge. iCast was developed to solve this challenge.

Knowledge is Power

iCast provides the power to keep track of all the parts which leads to improved casting recoveries and lower casting costs.

iCast relationships
iCast process flow showing the relationships between casting, mold repair, and billet inspection

iCast in the Mold Room

In many plants the mold maintenance technician writes down the mold number and a repair description after a mold repair is completed. The assembled mold is passed onto the casting operations team. No information about the location or performance is available until the mold returns for mold repair. iCast keeps track of each mold, the components used, installation data and time/date. Maintenance and assembly instructions are available at the click of a mouse. The entire history of the mold and its performance is available.

iCast in the Casting Pit

Keeping track of the life and condition of molds in a billet system has always been challenging. iCast provides a logical and effective method to know what mold is where and the age and performance history of that mold. When coupled with the inspection module, scrap history can be used to guide when a mold should be changed before scrap is generated.

iCast in Billet Quality Inspection

Documenting defects is important in effectively operating a casthouse. Recording and retrieving the data is now easy with iCast. Not only is the data saved but it is also immediately available to the casting operator to help guide pit turnaround activities on a casting table. iCast does much more than record basic data, it also can store details such as severity and extent of defects.

mold check-in screen
This screen is used to determine the mold status
mold check-in screen
This screen is used when molds are checked into the mold shop